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Our projects vary from Human Factor courses, to ethnographic studies in refineries, to the numerous European Union funded projects.

Currently, KITE Solutions is member in the Consortium of four EU projects:

  • SKEMAS - Shared Knowledge for Effective Management of Aviation Safety
  • VRUITS - improving the safety and mobility of Vulnerable Road Users through ITS applications
  • A-PiMod - Applying Pilot Models for safer aircraft
  • PROSPERO - PROactive Safety PERformance for Operations
Another European project related to Safety in aviation is MASCA, just finished.

KITE Solutions has also participated as consultant partner in other private projects, such as:

  • Ancona Refinery, for the development and delivery of a Human Factors and Safety training course.
  • Palais Lumière, for the Evaluation of Aviation Risks (ERA) connected to the constructions oh a tall building in the areas surrounding the “Marco Polo” airport of Venice.