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Ancona Refinery

Ancona Refinery

Design, development and delivery of a Human Factors and Safety training course for the Ancona Refinery

The work was carried out in three related phases:

Phase 1:      Survey and design of a Human Factors and Safety course aimed at the characteristic socio-technical conditions existent in the refinery.
Phase 2:      Course supply to 10% of population, evaluation of the results, and relative revision of content and consolidation of the Course.
Phase 3:      Course supply to all population and interested personnel and final report on results and effects obtained and future prospects.

The Course is based on an Ethnographic Study in a Refinery and on an adequate statistical analysis and socio-technical of the work context and the Company reality.

This ethnographic study is a prerequisite to the development of the course aimed at the development of teaching materials for, including transparent, video, “games” and questionnaires to be held in the classroom. The course is 16 hours of classroom spread over two or three days of work depending on the number of participants.

The Course has been supplied to all Company Personnel, inclusive of management.